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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber Another quite exciting and pleasantly unusual album from Alan Benjamin's collection. "Sexoffice" deliberately escapes being put into a single category, covering various unrelated genres like fusion, synth wave, alternative rock, trip hop, and indie pop in one go. If I had to name similar bands, I'm quite stuck... well, maybe early "Echolyn" is somewhat close. But one thing I know for sure: It's highly adventurous musical madness! Favorite track: Pictures in the Snow.
Terence J. Miles
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Terence J. Miles Fearless creativity with a gleam in its eye. Favorite track: Magnolia.
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released September 2, 2016

Sexoffice is

James Burkhardt
Freddy Gerngross
Nick Lauria
Gabriel Sanderson

Guest starring Graham Murdock

Recorded at Cambridge Sound Studios and the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia

Engineering by Jim Salamone and Todd Mecaughey
Additional engineering by Tucker Hill and Austin Billings

Photographs by Victoria Dreyer, Freddy Gerngross, and Gabriel Sanderson
Designed by Nick Lauria

Produced, Arranged, and Mixed by Sexoffice

© 2016 Sexoffice Music · All rights reserved · XI · sexofficemusic.com


all rights reserved



Sexoffice Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Do It Up
Tracing the day
Replacing the night
Break out the knife
To put out the fight
You've got everything left to do all at the end
It's not enough to say you will

Don't get bundled at first light
It will all be alright
Do it up

The bigger the lie
The wider the smile
This trigger of mine
Can hide for a while
It's got nothing to do with you getting it on
And on and on and on and on

Don't get bundled at first light
It will all be alright
Track Name: 11 11
This is my east side, ten thousand strong
Why weren't you hear all along?
Gutting the camera while my hands were tied
Lanky dark admiral and apartheid
It's just a matter of time stare me down

This is my west side renounced in full
Amaretto paints you pitiful
There's more class in that jacket what doesn't fit
Another show now wasn't it?
I'll stay awake will you now go fight the war in your head

Teach yourself how to feel when you're feeling like yourself
Joey says you're the one who's been writing the story
Teach yourself how to feel
'Cause you're feeling a million years old when I'm around

It's already started
Tell your mom you're working here
Joining the departed
When you weren't looking

This is the frontier with winters so cold
This seashell party's getting old
I think we've all had enough up in here

Teach yourself how to feel when you're feeling like yourself
Throw it up on the walls at 11 11
Teach yourself how to feel selling your poisons all wrapped up in a bow
Isn't that what this song is?
Track Name: Pictures in the Snow
This is your second chance and it was granted by machines
This is your sacrifice although I can't know what that means
(Let me tell you)
While I bring it up just a little
Then I'll bring it up just a little less
And I see you smoke on that hookah
And I hear you joke that you look a mess
Can't you see that we've all got a flaw
Show me yours
I'll show you mine
Yes or no
Pictures in the snow

He studied apathy, he bought you shades the gloves the mask
You and your tiny voice and all you hate to do is ask
(Like the first one)
Now you're weeping under the willow
And you won't admit that these pillows suck
With the sanctity of no dreaming
Send it back to me and I'm screaming what the

Function over form and fear, smiling ear to ear
With your face not far behind, bring me peace of mind
Don't let go here take my hand to the promised land
Promise me you'll understand once you're in demand

So this is me now with my head through the screen
And my hand though my pocket if you know what I mean
Well I look at the message is it losing speed
'Cause they'll be on you they'll be on you
While your friends they watch and take what they need
So I feel that six seconds is enough before you wash it all off
Wash it all off
Wash it off

January stake your claim, shutters taking aim
State your rank and say your name, learn to play the game
See no evil, see no more demons at the door
Join your houses, start your war once you're off the floor

February we don't know, pictures in the snow
Now it's over time to go
Track Name: Paul
He studied apathy
He made it his
And bloody happily
He made it in
Look at the man in the cage
She took the wrap for me
She made it hers
She spun a rhapsody
She made it worse
And through the smile he lies

Look at the man in the cage
Look at the man in the cage
What did he pay for the cage?
I don't know

Look at the man in the cage
Look at the man in the rage
It's all he could do at his age
Isn't it?

Pity the man in a box
Pity the man in a box
It's all he could build for himself
And isn't it cute

I'll bring the open mind
I'll take the hit
He'll see me toe the line
And lose his shit
"Why aren't you broken like me?"
You must have done it wrong
I just can tell
I bought my happiness
It's served me well
There's nothing else it could be

Look at the man in the cage
Look at the man in the cage
What did he pay for the cage?

Look at the man in the cage
Look at the man in the rage
It's all he could do at his age
Isn't it?

Pity the man in a box
Pity the man in a box
Anything to drive away the hox
And isn't it cute

Look at the man in the cage
Track Name: Young and Usual
As Rittenhouse goes
It's only a sign of the young and usual
420 shows you
Busking the days in ways that the everyman can dream
And who's what they seem
In the concrete maze we've designed for them, for us
Because we thought we could take it

You got nothin
Thirty-odd years from now
At the bottom
Oh look someone else got caught
Not surprising
Strap on the silver tight
You got nothin
Like me

Chain yourself to a miracle sounding something like this
Young and usual with no place to go
Build economies in undertow
Running back to the people they know
It's not fair

On Blueberry Hill
You're only as strong as the young and usual
Can't buy a thrill now
Track Name: Magnolia
When all your dreams are anybody's
And all your friends are just the same
You'll play the game
But it's ok with us
It's ok to take a minute if you need it
When you're on E and all alone
Stare at the phone
Don't get bundled now
It's ok with us

Did you notice?
Are you watching closely?

Joey says what Joey wants
But that's not clear 'til late next year
Fill the time with the ten yard hustle
'Cause it's ok with us
It's ok to take a piss inside the heater
What's out of sight is out of mind
Until we find
Shears of ambience
It's ok with us

And when we open the door
Don't rush inside
From the ballin to the fallen on the dirty floor
And the runaways who can't run and hide
Bowlin and rollin until you place a bet
Save it for another day, but hey
It's ok with us
Take a bow while the formula's
Counting down the minutes 'til you do it again
If you're still here in the end
Roll with us
And you're friends will never have to know it

And when we open the door...
Track Name: Love in the Future
We could be so much more
We could be what we're looking for
We could be sanctified
Light years away we'd find our place to hide
It may be oftentimes
Countered with nevermind
But all these years we've prayed to everyone
Who's left us to die in the sun

Checking the news
Texting the wife
Maybe you'll find the time for all of it
Changing the fuse
Stashing the knife
What's that thing the English say?
"Keep calm and carry on"
But they've been at it for a while
Now priced to own
We're not alone
Leaving this world with a smile

We could be beautiful
We'd be the coolest kid in school
We could be playing the fool
Light years away we'd find we've lost our cool
It may be blue and green
We're fallin in between
Lock your doors, it will be very soon
So shoot for the heart of the moon

Love in the future's not looking good
Sinners and saints, they've been through all of it
Some say "don't do that"
They've understood that better men have tried and failed
In motion break the mold
Young and old redefine you
And when we're codified
Lock your windows too

Apollo send his love, who's first on the list?
It's you!
While Thor from high above gets mightily pissed
Oh no
It's just a fairy tale that's over and done
I said
Your fears refuse to see it's just begun

Why can't you stay awake
Try to take some pride in all of it
Your heart it's built to break
But this will make you higher
Love in the future's not looking good
Sinners and saints, they've been through all of it
Some say "don't do that"
They've understood that better men have tried and failed

But so what?

Love in the future's not looking good
Murders and memes, they've been through all of it
Some say "don't do that"
I say you should so galaxies may disappear

Oh but it's all turnabout
If you can figure it out
Track Name: Feelism
You're only getting older inside
You'll drag your kids along for the ride now that you have them
Last night: a million visions of a collapsing bridge
Don't that make it easy to choose a side?

Is it over yet?
(No no it's not won't ever be)

My sense my sentiment is old news
A fool's devotion to this whole ruse now that you've nailed it
Last night I caught you dreaming 'til the sun came up
At first light you'll fight for your right to lose

Is it over yet?
Did you have yourself a feelism?
Did reality come knocking a little too hard?

Your blind serenity, lock and step
To watch you die brightly colored deaths here at the union
You call that reasoning? Well then say it twice
From this point you'll always be in my debt

Is it over yet?
Track Name: Everybody Has a Method
I've been turning for hours my head is a different shape today
I've been burning the flowers as they change their tune
All my friends will redouble their efforts to blow the world away
Which is better, the letter or law of the game?
It's such a shame, remains the same, what's your name? Come on

Everybody has a method
Like you
You do

So the save point on Broad Street exploded and everybody runs
That's what happens when soothsayers stop selling guns
All my friends will encourage their elders to bring about the change
It gets better the wetter you're getting with age
It's all the rage, you rusty cage, now turn the page, because

Everybody has a method
Like you
It's true
Any little thing will do
Track Name: Joey Says
Ceiling fans
Frying pans
Empty cans
The best laid plans
Now the drugs are in demand
Discuss take notes

He tried to give me a sign
And when they stepped out of line
We're playing damage control

It's taking way too long to notice what they know isn't mine
And they could show us but you know it's taking place all the time
And you and I and everyone's an asshole

Ceiling fans when the weapons are
Frying pans who's the guy holding
Empty cans playing with
The best laid plans and all this talk about
How the drugs are in demand

Crafty hands giving orders and
Reprimands through the wall to the
Shifting sands and the battle of the
Marching bands it feels like
Now the drugs are in demand

'Cause Joey says what Joey wants
And Joey does what Joey wants
He jumps around in his air force ones
It's up it's over

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